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About Me
My name is Daniel Lieske and I was born in 1977 on the edge of the Teutoburger Forest in Germany. My wife, my son, our two cats and I settled down in the small German city of Warendorf. There we live in a historical frame house in the old town. In a secluded corner I built my studio in which I work on my projects.

I started my art career quite early by selling my first comics on the schoolyard. Since then my passion is to entertain people with stories and artwork. In 1999 I started working in the computer games industry, where I learned to use the computer as a creative tool. Today I'm using a variety of software to create my artwork. If you are interested in my techniques, I invite you to explore my video tutorials which are published on Video2Brain, Lynda.com and LinkedIn Learning.

If you want to contact me for any reason, please send me an email to:


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