01. November 2009

'Saving the Alien Girl' - 2008

'Saving the Alien Girl' was created in 2008 for the 22nd CG Challenge 'Uplift Universe' on CGSociety.org. It received an honorary mention by the judges and later was awarded with a CG Choice Award by the CG Society community.

This image is my first elaborated artwork based on the 'Captain Orion Adventures' story universe. It features Captain Orion in heroic conflict with an Aloyian Hawkbeast which has kidnapped a native alien girl. Captain Orion's story yet has to be told but in my mind he already had some great adventures.

'Saving the Alien Girl' is a very unconventional artwork for me because it is completely sculpted and rendered in Pixologic ZBrush. I challenged myself by using this technique because when I started my work on 'Saving the Alien Girl' I had already experimented with ZBrush for a year but never created a finished artwork with it.

Digital sculpting of the left arm of the Hawkbeast

Digital sculpting of the Alien Girl

Concept Painting of the Alien Girl

Digital sculpting of Captain Orion in an alternative pose

Because of it's unconventional technique, this artwork received quite some attention from the online community. Pixologic, the creators of ZBrush, use 'Saving the Alien Girl' in their marketing. The image was featured in 3D World and Art Scene International magazine. An extensive making of was published in Digital Art Masters Vol. 4 from Focal Press. The creation of the image is also documented in detail in my CG Challenge Thread.