01. November 2009

'Trapped!' (In der Falle!) - 2007

'Trapped!' is a sequel to 'The Journey Begins' and it's part of the 'Wormworld Saga' story universe. It features the same character as in 'The Journey Begins' but this time we follow him on one of his adventures inside the magic painting. This painting was created in 2007 and one of my goals was to create a scene that is populated with a lot of characters. I also experimented with the visual style and this time wanted to try a more cartoony and colorful feeling for the 'Wormworld Saga'. The story changed since the making of 'Trapped!' and therefore this painting does not really represent a scene from the storyline anymore.

Value Study for 'Trapped!'

Goblin Sketches for 'Trapped!'

More Goblin Sketches for 'Trapped!'

And even more Goblin Sketches for 'Trapped!'

'Trapped!' was arwarded with a CG Choice Award on CGSociety.org and is featured in Ballistic Publishing's ExposÚ 5 book.


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